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Tyra Banks in a Sweet Wig

Tyra Banks: Tangled in a Lawsuit

Tyra Banks is making headlines after suiting 10 wigmakers for using her name, image, and trademark without her consent. We’re sure Tyra isn’t Smize-ing about this at all! At LeMetric, we know all about wigs and know that makers do obtain looks from celebrities. Tyra’s hair has been the model for many wigs such as The Yaki Straight and lace wig #045 (seen below) that costs $359.

If you Google Image Search “Tyra Banks Wigs,” you’ll find many wig sites using her picture illegally. Most of these wigmakers seem to have taken the images or site down since she filed the lawsuit in LA County. According to TMZ, Tyra’s lawsuit serves as an injunction to stop the sell of these wigs immediately.


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