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The VMA’s Hair: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good. Our favorite celebs hairdos were Taylor Swift Great Gatsby-esque curls and Katy Perry’s high ponytail. We love the classic looks these two brought to the red carpet. Katy Perry’s performance to Roar was fierce and inspiring. Did you catch Taylor’s snub remark to her ex, Harry, from One Direction? Guess her hairdo doesn’t match the personality! Fake it till you make it here: learn how to get Taylor’s look here!


The Bad. For this one we are going to go with Bada$$ – we loved Carly Aquilino’s, from Girl Code, mermaid inspired, red flowing hair. Pic courtesy of her Instagram.


The Ugly. This award goes to Miley Cyrus (sorry not sorry)! There was nothing pretty or lady-like about her last night. From her dancing moves, wardrobe, and especially her hair; this is a great example of how not to act! Pic courtesy of MTVImage


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