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Burning Man Hairpiece!

Nicole has been a client of ours for 12 years and has had four hairpieces. Like most of our clients, Nicole saves her pieces once a new one is made. She decided to put  a spin on one of her old pieces and wear it at Burning Man, a community that meets once a year in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to express themselves via art.

Nicole told us the, “Conditions in the desert tend to dread your hair and there’s nothing that can be done about it.” The dry and sandy conditions of the desert can cause damage and matting to hair so Nicole decided to reinvent an old piece for her stay at Burning Man. Nicole used her creativity and added various colored yarns and threads from white to shiny coppers to reds. It added length and depth to the piece that was missing hair and wasn’t fixable.

Her revamped piece turned out to look very Rastafarian and the conditions out there will help preserve this desired look. Her hairpiece not only makes a statement here in NY but will continue that legacy at Burning Man. Her current hairpiece will also thank her for not wearing and damaging it at Burning Man. Taking care of your hairpiece is crucial to its life. Check out these images of Nicole’s piece for Burning Man!

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