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How To: Hide frontal hair thinning.

blowouts_volume_hair_LemetricHair thinning is brought on by many reasons, but there are tricks to hide frontal hair thinning with non-invasive methods. In Elline’s newest Q&A video, she was asked, “How do I hide hair thinning in front of my head?” There are three simple ways to answer this question:

  1. Change your hairstyle. Volume gives the illusion of more hair and hides hair thinning. Here is a great tutorial from YouTube on How to Make Thin Hair look Thicker!
  2. Change hair color. Darker hair colors make your forehead more visible when suffering hair loss. Choose a lighter hair color to help hide hair thinning.
  3. Camouflage. Use a crayon stick such as Toppik or Roux to camouflage your hair thinning. These sticks come in every hair color so find your best match.

All of these tricks to conceal hair thinning may not work forever. When exposed to moisture, hair crayons make drip. Some products work better than others. Remember these tips aren’t actual hair but when you’re ready to make the next step of wearing additional hair please call us at (212) 986-5620.

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