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5 summer, breezy hairstyles to beat the heat

It’s hot here in Manhattan and if you don’t have a sanctuary with AC, here are some great hairstyles to stay cool. Forget about your blow-dryer this week, 1) because it is very hot and 2) you may blow a fuse while your AC is blasting (sounds like a horror movie). Here are some great hairstyles to beat the heat this summer in Manhattan:


  1. For girls with shoulder-length hair we recommend a low bun. Big top-knots aren’t for everyone, so this is also a great choice.
  2. Braids have made their comeback this season so go ahead and teach yourself the fishtail braid, French, mermaid, etc. Braid tutorials are easy to follow on YouTube.
  3. Simple topknots are a more comfortable hairstyle for these summer days than the sock bun. Save the sock buns for cooler days or summer nights – remember that your body releases heat via your head.
  4. If you have greasy or frizzy hair, a headband scarf is a great go-to look for hot summer days. Stick to lighter colors since dark colors attract the sun.
  5. Lastly, the infamous ponytail can be your best friend during these hot days. Your ponytail should rest midway down the back of your head, and I also recommend a poof for a sleek look.

Stay cool girls! Don’t miss our Braid Bar with the fabulous ladies from the Urban Girl Squad and the House of Makeup on July 18th and 25th. Our Braid Bar will showcase simple summer makeovers for your hair and makeup.



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