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Q&A Sessions with Elline for the Old Broads

So, we’ve seen vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube offering Q&A Sessions for people alike giving advice on many different subjects from relationships to working out. Elline has decided to vlog her own Q&A Sessions for older broads such as herself. Her first Q&A was ” What causes of Hairloss and Hair-thinning?” which touched on the growing concern for many women her age (lets face it, any age). Elline is accepting question from around the nation and the world with the hopes of helping women with their issues. No question is irrelevant to her vlog – it can be something as simple as, “What should I wear today?”

Elline’s Q&A Sessions are here to help you with your most embarrassing, secretive Older Broad questions. Please email your question to Elline at and put Q&A in the subject line. Check out our next vlog next week talking about “Your most embarrassing hair moment,” stay tuned!

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