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Hair Extensions 101: Wash and Care

At our Hair Extension Bar, clients’ first question is “How do I take care of my Hair Extensions?” Luckily for us, we use great quality human hair that is treated like the hair on your head. Wehairextensions_nyc_haircarerecommend you purchase human hair and not synthetic hair extensions, no matter what. How you care for your hair extensions depends more on the way it is applied.

If you use clip-in hair extensions make sure you remove your hair extension before you shower. Wash your hair extensions separately from your own hair. We recommend using a quarter size amount of shampoo and use a deep conditioning treatment to keep the hair extensions from splitting and shiny. Air dry then style as usual.

If you have a sewn-in weave we recommend wrapping your hair at night. Yes, this is normally done by ethnic girls who wear weaves, but white, yellow, orange, etc. girls can and should wrap their hair because it will help their weave last longer. Here is a great How to from our friends over at eHow. When it comes to washing, we recommend using high quality products and deep conditioners. Rinse lightly and run your fingers through your hair and never pull your hair even if you have a bee-hive size knot. Pat hair dry with a soft towel, spray with detangling spray, use fingers or a wide-tooth brush to get all the knots out, and let air-dry or add a diffuser if you need to blow dry.

Fusion Hair Extensions are the trickiest to care for as they tend to matte more than any other technique. Remember to keep away any heat appliances from the fusion bonds. Flat irons, curling wands, clamps, etc. cause the keratin bonds to crack and/or weaken. Focus on the length of the hair when blow drying and using other hair tools. Let your roots air-dry and you can still use your favorite root boosters and mousses in small amounts. When washing, be gentle with your hair extensions, don’t scrub, and use a deep conditioner to avoid knots.

Hair Extensions are a great way to add length, volume, or a pop of color without harming your own hair. Our Hair Extension Bar focuses on finding the best application method for your hair type and needs. If you have any questions on hair extensions applications methods and how to care for them please email us at info@lemetric.com and call us at (212) 986-5620 for your free hair consultation.

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