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LeMetric’s Beauty Bash 2013 Makeover

LeMetric has attended FabOverFifty’s Beauty Bash for the past three years. This year was the first Beauty Bash in Washington, DC, which made for a difficult yet interesting task of finding a candidate for our makeover. Of course, our candidate had to be meet out qualifications of suffering from hair loss, be over 40+ years of age, and be willing to share her story with whoever wanted to hear.

Fortunately, after checking our morning emails we had an inquiry about a hairpiece from Rosario Jones who lived in the DC area. It was a sign from above that she was the best candidate for our makeover.

Rosario was excited when we offered her the complimentary makeover which was very moving since she has been fighting hair loss due to Alopecia since her 20s. Our emails turned into phone calls and with every exchange we got to know more about Rosario; her likes, dislikes, hopes, wants, and needs.  After a month of going back and forth, the weekend of the Beauty Bash was finally here.

Rosario showed us a picture of Jessica Alba who wore her hair similar to what Rosario wanted. It was shoulder length, dark brown with some warm reds in it. Rosario had no idea how good she was going to look at her reveal.


Elline, Tonya, and Jeroslyn arrived at the W Salon in Burke, VA. Souny, the owner at the W Salon was also participating in the Beauty Bash so we asked if her salon would want to house our makeover – luckily they were willing to house the pre-makeover at their salon.

When we finally met Rosario, emotions were flying high all around. Giving a woman her sexy back is a beautiful moment to watch. Her confessional after having her hairpiece applied was priceless. It’s moments like these that make you appreciate the little things in life.

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