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The 101 on Hair Thinning and Nutrition

Hair is made up of nutrients which we must replenish daily for it to grow. We lose about 100 hairs each day (shocking). These lost hairs can be replenished simply by adjusting your diet to include oats, molasses, liver, and whole grains. Hair contains protein, fat, water, and carbohydrates. Drinking plenty of water is also a great catalyst for proper hair growth. Hair growth and loss is determined mostly on your genes; hair loss is increased with age but with proper nutrition you slow down hair loss and thinning.


Silica supplements have proven to help hair grow faster and thicker but we recommend to use with caution. Overuse of this supplement can cause liver damage.

Protein is a huge part of the anatomy of hair. Protein deficiency causes hair loss and this is especially true for vegetarians who live on a reduced protein diet. Protein can be added to your diet by eating meats or fermented soy products.

Molasses is a Chinese trick to growing hair. You can digest it or use it to rinse your hair. When ready to apply, add one spoon of molasses to a cup of warm water and massage it into your hair. Cover your roots since that is where the hair follicle grows. Let this set for an hour, rinse off then go on with your regular shower routine.

Inositol is a B vitamin found in organ foods like liver and kidneys. A diet low in Inositol not only causes hair loss but high blood cholesterol, constipation, and eczema.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, also known as PABA, is also a B vitamin. If your diet lacks PABA your hair may turn grey. Adding PABA to your diet will return color to your hair. When folic acid and PABA combine your hair will grow. PABA can be found naturally in whole grains, yeast, liver, and kidney.

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender help hair grow and prevent hair thinning. These essential oils can be massaged in your hair focusing on the roots. Follow your showering routine after application.

Vitamin E encourages circulation of the body and helps grow new blood vessels. Vitamin E comes in capsules; opening these capsules and massaging them into the scalp can prevent hair loss and balding.

If  your hair loss or hair thinning has taken its toll on your emotional well-being we have great tips and advice for you. Email us at info@lemetric.com with all inquiries.

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