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Hair Loss in Women

According to this Infographic on the effects of hair loss on women, 66% of us think of hair loss once a day or more. That’s way more than anyone should be thinking about their hair loss. 65% of women avoid some type of activity be it their partner/spouse touching their hair (which we love getting our hair played with!), getting your hair done by your stylist, or swimming.

There are many options of concealing hair loss from a different style to wearing hats/scarves. According to this Infographic only 12% of women opt to wearing hair extensions. It’s sad that 39% of women have agreed that hair loss has affected their sex life in some way. That’s terrible with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Most shockingly, 45% of women feel self-conscious and 23% feel judged by their peers, co-workers, etc.

  • Of course, hair loss would make anyone unhappy but for women that percentage is 79%.
  • 55% of women feel judged because of their thinning hair.
  • 86% of women envy the Kim Kardashians of the world with their thick hair.
  • 96% of women believe their beauty revolves around their hair.
  • 84% of women who didn’t experience hair loss agreed with them.
  • only 6% of women are open about their hair loss issues.

viviscal-hair-loss-infographicIf you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss contact us at (212) 986-5620. We offer a number of alternatives for hair loss and hair thinning. We believe that how you look on the outside determines how you look on the inside and want  you to be the most beautiful you.


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