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Become a LeMetric Hair and Beauty Ambassador

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Our Ambassadors not only promote our services, but have a great time with us at our beauty events.

You can become a part of the latest traveling hair showroom that combines the global fashion trends with premium hair.  You don’t need hair styling experience to be a HAIR AMBASSADOR; just an ability to share your enthusiasm for HAIR, BEAUTY & FASHION.

We are searching for the most influential, outgoing, and socially connected leaders who would like to join our HAIR AMBASSADOR program and spread awareness and excitement to other women who love and need hair extensions!

Last year, Americans spent more than $7.4 Billion on hair!  No wonder hair extensions seem to sell themselves.  And unlike other products you just buy once our hair can be ever-changing (they don’t need to just stick to one style, length, or color).  As soon as they try it on, they’ll be back for more.  And that’s a stylish repeat business for you from the hair wearers and their girlfriends they recommend you to!

*Referral Program Compensation

*Bonus for each Hair Ambassador recruited

*Free training on hair extensions provided

*No hair dressing experience required

*Potential to be a Regional Team Leader

As a Hair Ambassador, you’ll be expected to:

–          Increase brand awareness to women in general

–          Build a client base interested in hair

–          Increase product awareness to potential women who are candidates for hair extensions

–          Attend our free training sessions to familiarize yourself with our products

–          Demonstrate and sell our products on your own scheduled time

–          Generate additional income by maintaining the client’s hair at future scheduled appointments if necessary (if you’re a hair dresser)

–          Generate leads as you come in contact with women who like or need hair

–          Option to hold home-parties in potential clients’ homes

–          Participation in our advertised campaign events with our Mobile Hair Studio

Email if you are interested in joining our team!

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