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Hurricane Sandy Relief in NY Recap

Despite the fact that it’s almost been a month since our community was hit with Mother Nature, Hurricane Sandy relief efforts must still continue.  In an effort to service families in the New York and New Jersey area affected by the storm, LeMetric partnered with local drugstores, retailers and businesses, such as Duane Reade’s Manhattan stores and Rabobank of New York,  and called on the New York community to donate personal care necessities for women and families.  All contributions were transported personally to families in need via LeMetric’s Mobile Beauty Studio on Thursday, September 15.

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Thankfully, the women of Staten Island and Far Rockaway were provided with much needed necessities for themselves and their children.  As Thanksgiving approaches, we reflect on how thankful and lucky we are to have food and shelter during the holiday weekend.  If you have some free time on your hands, please take a moment to visit the families hit hard by the storm last month throughout NY and NJ.  I’m sure they will be extremely grateful for your help and time.

This Friday, the Mobile Beauty Studio will visit women and children in New Jersey who were affected by the Hurricane.  If you would like us to come to your area in NJ, please email and tell us where you are.  We’ll try our best to accommodate your family or inform you where you can meet us.

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