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Mobile Beauty Studio featured in

Inside LeMetric's Mobile Beauty Studio

Inside the LeMetric Mobile Beauty Studio

The LeMetric Mobile Beauty  Studio was featured earlier this month in the article “Beauty Businesses on Wheels.”

He’res a snippet of our article: “Beauty in the past few years has become kind of stale. This concept really goes to where the customers are, instead of waiting for them to come.”  It isn’t only the extra attention that makes the beauty truck trend appealing to entrepreneurs. As they expand their brand’s reach, here is a look at four benefits of going mobile – and what you can learn by taking your business on the road…

Go where the market is. Elline Surianello, CEO of New York City-based LeMetric, finds taking her business on the road much easier now that she has a van equipped with a consultation space and stocked with her treatments for thinning hair. Read more here.

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