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Empowering Women: It’s my job!

[That’s me all the way on the right]

On Wednesday, I participated on a guest panel along with three other female business owners to speak to other female entrepreneurs on marketing techniques.  I shared my story with how I founded LeMetric and further explained ways I have continued to market and rebrand myself.  It was here that I had a light bulb moment: I need to take ownership to empower other women at this stage in my life!

The SBA offers hope to help other women fund their business.  You need money to build your business, we all know it.  And I have been blessed to have been helped by the SBA many years ago.  It is my goal to align myself with other powerful networking groups that support and encourage other women to take a leap of faith and build up their businesses.  I know together we can become a successful force in America.  More women need support from funding, family, colleagues and friends.  I was fortunate to have this, although it was a long journey.

As a female business owner with a strong desire to help my female community, I am using my platform of hair loss as my vehicle to empower women to redefine their own beauty.  With over 25 years experience in the beauty business and helping over 10,000 women internationally, and at 56 years old, I know all the challenges women face daily.  Today, women are on a new spiritual and emotional journey to happiness and are open to changes that will make them look good and feel good again. In 2012, I developed the LeMetric Mobile Hair Studio with one goal in mind: to travel across the Northeast to help women rediscover a new found confidence from within.

Women don’t want to lose their sexuality, femininity, and self image. Once physical beauty transformations begin, inside and out, the transformation becomes one. Regardless of age or circumstance, we all have the power to create a second act and reinvent ourselves.  My real-life story has created my own second act personally and professionally. Through my voice, women will learn how to overcome obstacles, find their passion, and seize opportunity without letting hair or other challenges paralyze them. 

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