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Be Motivated. Be Inspired.

This Saturday, I am honored to be invited to speak at Omega Phi Beta’s 23rd Anniversary banquet at Binghamton University.  Omega Phi Beta prides itself in leadership, community service, and female empowerment.  All things we should all take responsibility for.  As I reflect on what I will speak about on Saturday, I realize that motivation and inspiration are two totally different things.

Motivation – You need to push yourself to do something and without support, most people fail if they have to force themselves to be motivated.  Motivation means you’ve grasped an idea and now you have to do everything in your will power to get you focused on that.

Inspiration – You are called to do something and an idea has grasped you.  You realize that this is a time for realigning yourself and your idea.

When I started my business, I was inspired to help women after receiving 9,000 phone calls from women who read an article written about me and my services in Ladies’ Home Journal.  They needed my help and I knew it was a calling to lend myself to make them happy about their appearance once again.  It wasn’t until I realized I could turn this into a business that I had to motivate myself to market my brand and build my hair solutions.  If you find yourself forced to be motivated, then you’ve got it all wrong.  Think about what YOU want out of life and what makes YOU happy.  Not what you should be doing, or what makes others happy.  Then the motivation won’t be so hard to jumpstart.  I promise.

I look forward to meeting the women of Omega Phi Beta this weekend, and I will post photos and videos soon!  Visit for more information on this wonderful organization.


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