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5 biggest hair mistakes women make

I know first-hand what it’s like to really hate your hair. Mine started falling out in clumps–in high school.  I have Androgenetic Alopecia, so I know what it’s like to not look and feel attractive and to face judgment due to hair loss.

I spent years working as a makeup artist in New York while trying to find solutions for my hair loss. Wigs, creams, implants, pills–I tried it all, but never loved the results until I began designing my own custom hair pieces. I realized how hard it was to find something truly individualized. That’s when I started my business designing and manufacturing custom hair systems based on each client’s needs.

And now I find myself constantly meeting women (with or without hair loss issues) whose hair challenges are a result of the common mistakes we generally all make. So whether or not you need additional hair, you should still care for the hair you do have!

Here, I share the 5 biggest mistakes women make when it comes to our hair…

1. Coloring your own hair. If you want to go from red to blonde, you have to know how to remove the red tones or else your hair will result in an unwanted tone, like green. Professional hair stylists are trained in color corrective methods. Utilize them.

2. Not using the correct product or no product at all. Curly hair is drier and needs moisture, so it needs a product with moisture. If your hair is oily, don’t add a serum to keep down the fly-aways. It will just look oilier. Instead, use a little hair spray and comb it down.

3. Cutting your own hair. Unless you are a trained expert at using shears, don’t do it! You will never be able to get the right angles, especially for the hair in the back of your head.

4. Holding on to a hair style that is no longer working. As you age, your hair changes, and so does your face. The hair style you wore 10 or 20 years ago may not be working today. And if you’re in your 50s like me, older women don’t always look good with longer hair. Your hair color must also compliment your skin tone. Don’t be afraid of change.

5. Waiting too long to fix your hair. I think women often feel they have to accept thinning hair as a part of aging. They give up! But there are many things we can do as we get older. Whatever your age, whatever your hair trauma, you can still look wonderful if you invest a little time and money in the right solution. Every woman can improve her hair right away if she does these five things: (1) Get a trim every 4-8 weeks, (2) Wash your hair more often if it’s oily; (3) Always condition; (4) Limit use of harsh chemicals–relaxers, perms, etc. (5) Eat a quality, high-protein diet. Hair is made of protein!

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