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Fix her hair and you fix her life.

Most women are hair obsessed and let hair affect their self esteem. On a good hair day, a woman is confident, vibrant, and oozes sexuality. On a bad hair day, she is miserable, insecure, and careless. Hair can be traumatizing because it’s so apparent to the public. We are constantly bombarded with images in the media where hair is either the main focus, or slightly, but styled according to the message being portrayed. How does this fit in with women who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning? How will they have the power to reinvent themselves?

There is no cure for women’s hair loss, and since the 90s, the number of women with this issue has quadrupled because of the aging population. Many of the challenges they face is fear, vulnerability, and insecurity. A woman with no hair seems unapproachable, sick, and lacking sexuality. Over 30 million women are suffering from hair loss mostly because they do not know their options and most of them are not candidates for surgery. Unfortunately, there aren’t many people in the US who specialize in women’s hair loss from a medical and cosmetic perspective. And there are very little manufacturers in this country because it is cost prohibitive. With few options, the alternative becomes a cosmetic solution.

Hair loss robs women many years of happiness, forcing them to hide, putting up walls, feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, and avoiding social situations. Eventually we realize that this leads to other issues and insecurities women have as well. Although hair loss does not lead to fatality, it is evident that it can kill self esteem. A woman’s lifestyle begins with her hair, and if we can fix her hair, we are on the road to fixing her life.

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